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About Us


Your Gate To The World

  • THE GATE 1 is an integrated electronic platform that combines All types of business, health and service activities in one location to cover all daily needs in all life activities to facilitate access to any establishment by providing all the necessary information about them from contact numbers with availability of contact times, working times and address with The existence of a map of the site in addition to the website and social networking pages, if any, with the possibility of having pictures and videos of the establishment or products as well as customer ratings for each facility
  • THE GATE 1 helps you to reach your destination with ease by narrowing the search by selecting the country first, the province and the city as well, choosing the activity you are looking for and sub-sections or searching directly in the name of establishment
  • THE GATE 1 allows you to add and register your company or facility yourself by filling in the required data on the Add Your Company page or by contacting us directly or through one of our marketing team members
  • THE GATE 1 opens up to you  new horizons in business and business. with Your registration at THE GATE 1 you will be visible to many foreign and local companies and factories targeting the market in your country; and vice versa, by registering your factory or company in THE GATE 1, you will be visible to many other companies and The outlets which may want in your products or looking for all of new

Together we improve health care

  • Are you looking for the nearest doctor in a particular specialty?
  • Are you looking for a doctor with experience in a specific field and you can not know how to reach?

THE GATE 1 provides excellent services to the health sector through a good definition of all existing health facilities and how to access them, along with other services that will help improve the health services provided easily and easily and cost less

Free job ads

  • Are you looking for a job in a particular sector or in a handicraft? Are you a project owner looking for employees?

THE GATE 1 allows you to advertise the opportunities job you have within your page on the site and allows the job seeker to publish his biography for free

Publicity and Announcement

THE GATE 1 offers different packages of free and paid advertising at nominal prices


THE GATE 1 allows all registered facilities to benefit from the statistics service for the market free in the event of cooperation in the required statistics

THE GATE 1 Opens Up To You  New Horizons And Endless Services
                                                                                 THE GATE 1 Is Invest For Life